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Often when designing a website, blog post, or even a social media post- finding the right and quality image becomes a challenge. If you are a designer, social media manager, or content creator- we know you’ve been there! And even if you do find the perfect image for your design, it consists of copyright licenses which don’t allow you to use it for commercial purposes. This can be a bummer!⁣

But this doesn’t have to be so hard. There are plenty of resources available online that help you tap into the world of high-quality, authentic, and attractive images that can be used for any purpose you seem to like. Free stock image sites are a boon to many businesses across the globe. You can find a free and variety of image collections ranging from architecture to fashion and food in one platform. Doesn’t that sound amazing? ⁣ ⁣

In this blog, we have listed some of the top free and recommended sites to access free stock images. Some of them do have paid membership in case you are looking to access a wide range of images. Go through these and find the site, you like the best! ⁣

Amazing Websites With Free Quality Stock Photos

1. Freepik

The first we are discussing is Freepik. Founded in 2010 by brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes, along with their friend Joaquín Cuenca- Freepik was built with aim to create a platform for graphic designers to access free images and other resources. With over 18 million users and 4.5 million available graphic resources, Freepik is rapidly growing as one of the top sites for free stock images, vectors, and illustrations for everyone.

Apart from free available resources, Freepik also has a premium membership that offers access to a much larger library, unlimited downloads, with no ads. You can avail a membership for 12 months for 7.49 euro per month or even have a trial period of 1 month for 9.99 euros per month.

2. Pexels

Founded in the year 2014 by Ingo Joseph, Daniel Frese, Bruno Joseph, Pexels is a free stock image platform that gives its users access to over 3 million free, quality, and beautiful images. It helps designers, bloggers, and influencers find and use great images and download them for free. They are carefully selected so that you only get the best and quality image. 

Apart from this, all the images in Pexels are under Creative Commons Zero which means they can be used for personal as well as professional purposes without any copyright restrictions or attribution requirements. You can browse through various categories and explore, download and modify these images for your own needs. 

3. Pixabay

Founded by Simon Steinberger and Hans Braxmeier- Pixabay offers copyright free images, videos, and music to use anywhere. All the resources are under the licence of Pixabay thus, making it safe for users to use them for not just personal but also commercial purposes without giving credits to the artist. 

Users can browse through various images, and videos from different categories and use them anywhere without any restrictions. This makes this site an ideal choice for social media managers, content creators, bloggers, and more. 

Design, visuals, and graphics now play a hugely important role in the impression of your brand, more than ever! This is why you need to choose quality, authentic and relevant images for your business that convey your brand story effectively.

4. Unsplash

Unsplash is a free stock image destination with over 2 million free images that are provided by a community of photographers. You can access all these beautiful high-quality images for free under the Unsplash license that allows you to use, modify, redistribute them for your personal use or even for your business purposes like blogs, website, app, social media, and more. They have a variety of images sorted into several categories making it easy to find your relevant images. 

Unsplash comprises photographers from different industrial backgrounds who come together to contribute to the site. Apart from this, Unsplash is partnered with some popular platforms like BuzzFeed, Trello, Squarespace, and more which offers a library that is more widely accessible than ever.

5.Negative Space

Negative Space offers you new and free stock images every week. It has something for everybody and thus, offers a varied collection of images from different categories like food, technology, architecture, abstract, and so on. The images are high-quality, high-resolution, and completely free to use. Negative space shares images without any copyright restrictions which means you are free to use for any purposes whether it be for personal or professional under a Creative Commons CC0 license. The main goal of this site was to bring together the photography community and offer them a platform to share their images. So, whatever image you see on the site is taken by a member of the Negative Space community. Apart from this, the categories are easy to filter so you can easily find the relevant images you are looking for.

6. Stokpic

Founded by photographer Ed Gregory, Stokpic offers several images from different categories like landscapes, technology, architecture, food, etc. It all started with him wanting to give away his photos for free and then created Stokpic as an exclusive site to access and find his photographs. You can find beautiful, unlimited, and high-resolution pictures at his site that can be used for websites, advertisements, blogs, mock-ups, social media, and so on. The only thing you aren’t allowed is to re-sell these images. 

The site is visited and the images are used by hundreds of people daily. Add in your email and you can receive up to 10 free and high-quality images every two weeks. You can make use of these images in your blogs, website, social media graphics, ads, or any other place you find fit. Browse the collection and pick one today!

7. Death to Stock

To create a site that offers high-quality and relevant images to bloggers, content creators and businesses – Allie and David who are themselves a photographer founded Death Stock. All you need to do is submit your email and you will be delivered a fresh batch of photos every month. You can also avail of premium membership for $15/month or $180/year. 

This money is utilized to pay for photography trips, creative projects, and other resources. 

They also fund talented artists to contribute and showcase their work on their site. They have three different plans based on the frequency of use, requirement, and purpose. These plans can be great for social media managers, designers, content creators, start-ups, etc. Their premium membership offers access to over 4500+ images and also allows you to vote on the best visuals to be added in your library that are contributed by the best and talented artists.

8. CreateHER Stock

Launched in July 2015, by the founder Neosha Gardner- CreateHer Stock is a free image site for content curators like bloggers, designers, and budding influencers featuring women of color. The site aims to deliver authentic stock photography that features melanated women without having to search through a pile of photos. You can access over 3500+ images that can be pretty much used anywhere. 

They have different categories like wellness, business, lifestyle, and more. They also add relevant photos that are suggested by their users. Apart from this, you can also access their freebie collection that offers 185+ images. They also offer premium content images within different budget sizes and offer four different plans- Blogger, Brand, Tribe, and Influence- each with their own features and prices. You can also subscribe to their site and get delivered free images every month. However, it is important to note that CreateHER Stock is not intended to be used for commercial purposes without an extended license.

9. Startup Stock Photos

Although the name suggests Start-up- this site can be used by any professional for their relevant use. Started in 2014, the site started with an aim to produce- “Completely free, useful, awesome photos for start-ups, bloggers, publishers, freelancers, designers, developers, creators, and everyone else.” They can be used for templates, billboards, ads, social media, blogs, or any other platform you find suitable. 

The site is maintained by the developer, and photographer Eric Bailey and marketer Josh Krakauer who are the founders. The site is used and recommended by millions of people and the images can be used for a variety of purposes without credit. The site now ranks as one of the top sites to access the most popular photos for content creators.

10. StockSnap

This is a platform aimed to offer beautiful, high-resolution, and quality images for commercial as well as personal purposes. The site poses no credit requirements or even has any expensive memberships to access quality images. They are all absolutely free and have no attribute requirement or copyright restrictions. 

They offer an expanse of image collections from various categories and only choose the best image submission to make them available for use, download, and free. Their category system allows you to filter and find the most relevant image for your requirement. So, browse through their collection and find the best image that resonates. StockSnap prides itself on the most versatile and creative collection of photos that is apt for almost everything.

We hope this blog helped you find the perfect site for your visual content needs. Let us know which is the most preferred stock image site that you use often, the comments below!

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