Top 9 graphic designing tools & software

Top 9 Highly-Recommended Graphic Designing Tools and Software Recommended

Graphic Designing is an interesting way to unleash your creative skills into the world. The skill, in the recent decade, has been growing in demand. But a talented graphic designer needs his tools and software that enable his creative juices to flow seamlessly. Graphic design tools and software can immensely help and ease the work of a graphic designer and allow them to express their perception better.⁣ ⁣

In this blog, we have listed some of the best graphic designing tools, which you must know that is recommended by industry experts. Use them to polish and improve your digital art skills. ⁣

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  1. Procreate
  2. This software is only created for Apple and is an amazing tool for creating digital art. It is highly intuitive and has a good collection of brushes which help simplify graphic designer’s steps in illustration. This software allows users to directly draw on the screen with an Apple pencil while recording the entire drawing process.

    It allows designers to work on different layers and saves work as .pdf or .psd which is great to integrate with adobe. One can find the software in the Apple iPad store and costs 9.99$ with no subscription making this affordable for all kinds of graphic designers.

  4. is a great way to access a plethora of fonts; its feature called “WhatTheFont” solves a major problem for several designers. Whenever your client wants to mimic a certain logo with a weird font, it becomes difficult to figure out which font they are using. But with the help of this software, this becomes way easier. All you have to do is upload a screenshot of the font and you will get the name of it.

    Apart from this, the software can give you access to a large collection of fonts to choose from. As discussed above, it can also help track the original font too. It offers free fonts and also includes an exclusive subscription option making it perfect for different levels of graphic designers.

  5. Clip Studio Paint
  6. Clip Studio is a cheaper and an alternative to Adobe Suite which makes this tool affordable for graphic designers. It is a lighter and vector-based software and is simpler and affordable.

    It is available on both PC or MAC. Apart from this, you can also avail yourself of a six-month trial on iPad. You can visit the website, clip to buy or also can get a free trial or buy from You can watch tutorials on YouTube and easily learn about the software.

  7. Ron’s Brushes
  8. This software comprises a collection of digital effects that are used by advanced graphic designers as their handy toolboxes. It offers great effects for digital paintings and illustrations. Ron’s Brushes offers to create high-quality effects for digital art.

    This is quite a popular and highly-recommended tool by advanced graphic designers due to its collection of large digital environments and the effects it offers.

  9. Adobe Photoshop
  10. The word photoshop is casually used by even non-graphic designers, that’s how common yet important this software is. Adobe Photoshop offers manipulation of photos and photo realistic computer art. This can include 2D, 3D image manipulation, Composting, video editing, and image analysis.

    You can visit their website at to buy Photoshop or start a free trial or also can buy it from Photoshop is probably the most integral software when it comes to graphic designing, so make sure to keep this in mind when hunting for designing tools.

  11. Adobe Illustrator
  12. Adobe Illustrator is an easy and versatile tool that offers to generate and adjust all kinds of images and layers -right from logos to drawings. The tool is used to create logos, cartoons, fonts, graphics of all kinds. This is an important graphic designing tool for those who create vector-based art. The learning stage can be quite challenging but it is worth the output the tool can bring about in your designs. You can get a free trial or also buy the tool from

  13. Astute Phantasm Adobe Illustrator
  14. If you are looking for a program to taper and add a gradient to your halftones, then this is what you want. Astute Phantasm Adobe Illustrator is a plugin tool with a built-in pattern maker. It comprises a lot of amazing features and also offers amazing halftone effects.

    With this tool, your effects can be edited, saved, and loaded thus making it the perfect tool for any designer trying to create 3-dimensional art with challenging color adjustments. You can shop for the software from

  15. iPad Pro + Apple Pencil
  16. Although Apple products aren’t the cheapest option, they are sure to bring different benefits. The iPad Pro with the Apple pencil combo offers easy scrolling, better color tones, larger display, and the stylus are extremely efficient for detailed art strokes.

    Apart from this, it also provides an extended battery life, has better storage, and easy to carry for its light-weight.

  17. MacBook Pro with touch bar and touch ID
  18. It is your portable piece of an office that you can work from anywhere. It is an elegantly designed tool that is perfect for graphic designers on the go! With features like a 3.1GHz processor, and 256GB storage, iPad Pro, comes with an adjustable touch bar for unique purposes.

    It is an efficient system with amazing features wrapped in a high-quality laptop. This makes for a serious and recommended investment for dedicated graphic designers looking to improve their skills.

Other Requirements for Graphic Designers
Apart from owning the latest and most efficient hardware, software, and tools for creating digital art, it is also important to keep in mind the other factors that affect your productivity and efficiency of your job. With that being said, here we list 5 important things to keep in mind before you start creating your art.⁣

  1. Comfortable chairs
  2. Graphic designers have to sit for a long duration for their work. This can have a huge impact on the health of their back as well as their overall body. The best thing they can do is to invest in a comfortable chair. Along with this, they should also practice sitting in the right position and avoid slouching. This can help increase their productivity and reduce fatigue.

  3. Multiple displays
  4. Another investment most graphic designers do is to set up multiple displays. This can be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it helps to avoid icon clutter, maximize the screen area, and helps you work efficiently. When working with one screen, it can get often crowded and confusing. Multi-displays offer multi-tasking along with better efficiency.

  5. Avoid Distractions
  6. When it comes to working with concentration for long hours, you absolutely need to get rid of any kind of distractions. If you have to keep your phone away while working, do so. It takes discipline at first to keep you concentrated but keeping things that can cause distractions is also a good way to go!

  7. A good keyboard and mouse
  8. A good mouse and keyword can immensely make your work smoother and easier. When it comes to choosing a mouse, choose the one that feels right on your hand and easy to move. It also must have the right functionalities for you. Choosing an efficient mouse and keyword is important as they can make work easier and prevent tiring of your hands.

  9. The right environment
  10. There is nothing like a working-space to soothe and help you be productive. Especially for creators, this space becomes more than just important. It becomes a necessity. Choose a place for yourself where you can easily concentrate, minimal distractions and that calms you. Have your set-up here and enjoy the working process.

Graphic Designing is a fun and interesting career to pursue. It is filled with creativity and ideas that are sure to keep you on your toes. The key to getting ahead in this career is knowing where to start and choosing the right tools, to begin with, and slowly working your way up towards many advanced projects.

Yes, it is as interesting as it sounds! ⁣