Tips to prepare for digital marketing interviews

How to crack a Digital Marketing Interview

Digital marketing has been gaining steady growth as one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Especially since the onset of the pandemic- audience, business owners, and digital marketing experts are understanding the importance and impact digital marketing can have on a business. ⁣

This kind of popularity of the industry leaves room for tougher competition. The field is highly dynamic and constantly evolving which requires marketers to consistently keep up with the ongoing trends. Digital marketing as an industry itself has now expanded, it has more jobs than it did before. The various disciplines of digital marketing offer a variety of job positions. ⁣ ⁣

But to apply and ace any digital marketing position requires sufficient knowledge, skills, and preparation. In this blog, we discuss how to ace your digital marketing interviews effectively. Make sure you have thoroughly brushed up your basics before attending any interview. ⁣ ⁣

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Top 5 tips to prepare

  1. Have in-depth knowledge of Digital marketing
  2. This is the most important part of acing a digital marketing interview. As a matter of fact, in any interview, you need to be thoroughly prepared with the subject matter. This will help boost your confidence and helps you perform better. For a digital marketing interview, you need to have a stronghold on the basics of digital marketing and its disciplines.

    This can also be tough as digital marketing is a vast subject and one cannot know everything about it. While the basics are important, make sure you also have brushed up on the current trends in the market. This will give you a better edge over others at getting selected.

  3. Know to apply the knowledge
  4. Digital marketing is an evolving industry. The more you learn, apply, and experience, the better you eventually get. That being said, the key to mastering digital marketing is to know how and when to apply the knowledge. This is an opportunity to showcase how well you know your concepts along with your problem-solving skills.

    Interviewers are sure to ask candidates about various scenarios that involve applying theoretical knowledge to practice, to know how well-versed the candidates are on the subject. This is why you need to read a lot and truly understand the concept and know how to apply it.

  5. Learn about digital marketing tools and software
  6. As a digital marketer, you will be required to work with certain tools and software depending on your specialization and the kind of role you apply for. This is why you need to at least have a basic knowledge about the kind of tools and software you will be using. Your digital marketing interview- preparation isn’t complete without learning about the basic digital marketing tools like Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and more.

    This also depends on your field of digital marketing you’re opting for. For example, if you are applying for the job of Social Media Manager, then apart from having a strong understanding of the concepts of social media marketing, you will also need to understand tools like content schedulers like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.

  7. Have an online presence
  8. This is often a neglected aspect by the candidates. But interviewers are sure to ask you about your digital brand or at least look it up once during evaluation. It is often surprising that many candidates fail to build their digital brand, or at least maintain their LinkedIn profiles.

    When applying for digital marketing roles, your online presence matters. Why? Because if you can’t market your skills and yourself, there are very less chances that you successfully market someone else’s. so, ensure that before you sit for an interview, update your LinkedIn profiles, blogs, and other active platforms to make it look professional.

  9. Do your research
  10. Another key factor is to do your research. Before you sit for a digital marketing interview, make sure you have done your background research about the company, clients, and social media handles. Mention some of their work in your interview as examples.

    Apart from this, don’t be afraid to criticize and suggest your ideas for their company. You are likely to be asked to do that. In an opportunity like that, showcase your perception about their company and recommend to them the ways they can improve. But do so, in a constructive manner. This will show that you have paid attention to details and have done good research.

    Including these tips, there are often some common questions interviewers ask. These can be basic as well as lengthy questions asked to test your concepts on the subject and the type of position you are applying to. We have listed the top 5 and the most common questions that are asked during digital marketing interviews. Make sure you read, understand, and remember them for your next digital marketing interview.

3 most common questions asked in a Digital Marketing interview

  1. What do you understand by Digital Marketing?
  2. As basic and simple as this sounds, it truly tests your ability to understand the core concept of what digital marketing is. In simple terms, it can be defined as marketing done via digital platforms. But in an interview, you are expected to give a clear and concise definition. Try avoiding jargon and answer just enough to let the interviewers know you are educated on the subject.

  3. Compare traditional marketing to digital marketing. Do you think traditional marketing has a sustainable future?
  4. There are different ways to answer this question. The latter part of the question is based on your opinion on the future of both traditional and digital marketing. But in a broad sense, both types of marketing have their pros and cons. You can talk about how both the divisions are important and now are integrating to form better communication, offer more reach to the businesses. Do not completely neglect the importance and impact of traditional marketing, as it still is effective and preferred.

  5. How do you think you can improve conversion rates?
  6. If the question is directly asked, then you may answer this in a broader sense. This may involve testing various elements of a site or an ad, to know what works better and imply the same to help reduce bounce rates and improve conversion rates.

    But if in case, you are given a scenario and asked how to improve conversion rates, then you might have to first understand the case. Once you do, you can offer recommendations or any ways you can think of to help improve conversion rates.

Apart from these questions, you can also expect some technical questions, test scenarios, and more. Acing a digital marketing interview isn’t impossible. It requires some knowledge, preparation, and determination to learn more as you move ahead with your job.

Other tips for your digital marketing interview are below. These are just simple tips that can be helpful for just digital marketing but any interviews:

  1. Dress formal and confident
  2. Speak clearly and firmly
  3. Smile politely
  4. Know your CV⁣
  5. Keep eye contact and don’t fidget
  6. Address the interviewers respectfully
  7. Don’t lose hope and keep trying

Cracking your way through the digital marketing industry can seem challenging. Especially with such demand for skills, the advancement of technology, and growth, the industry is steadily evolving thus raising its standards for its employees. But this is not something you need to worry about.

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