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Preeti Savant

Founder & CEO of DGCamp
Veara Creatives Growth Strategist

Rakshavi Desai

SEO Expert & digital strategist

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From being a technical recruiter to
becoming a Copy and Content Writer at
Ola, Shivam paved the way to his
dream career!

Shivam Sharma

‍Copy & Content Writer

Meet the stellar Captains who
will teach you LIVE

Ankit Raj Bachhan

Sr Manager - Brand Planner
@ Radio Mirchi

Priyanka Sutaria

Creative director @ The Invisible Paintbrush

Kavya Sharma

Founder @ Verse of Silence

Akarshan Jaiswal

Copywriter @ tonic worldwide

Sruthi Ramesh

Copy and Media Strategist @

Aditya Roy

Ex Content Associate
@ Zomato

Neil Bannerjee

Copywriter @Ogilvy

Rachna Chawla

Founder @Scripto

What will you be taught in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing

Growth Hacking

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Video Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Case Studies

WhatsApp Marketing

01. Being a Writer

Learn the basics of writing and
everything writing entails. Learn the difference between writing for yourself anda brand

Writing for Yourself vs. A Brand

Writing for brands

Adapt to PlatformsProject

Communication 101

02. Introduction to Copywriting

Your very first introduction to the
world of copywriting. Learn the basics, types, and formats of copywriting

Copywriting 101

Analysing Copywriting Brief with Examples

Analyse A Copywriting BriefProject

03. Introduction to Content Writing

Enter the world of content writing. Understand how to make your content effective by mastering pre-writing, drafting, research skills, proofreading and building your vocabulary

Content Writing 101

Content Writing: Insider Info

Write an ArticleProject

04. Portfolio in action

Every Writer is judged by their portfolio, here you will learn how to showcase your work in the best way possible. 

Building a Portfolio

Canva | Wix | Medium | WordPress | Notion

Build Your Portfolio Project

Advertise your portfolio Project

05. Copywriting for Campaigns

Learn everything about Copywriting for Marketing Campaigns, from writing for ads to designing email campaigns!

How to write Ad copy

Copywriting for a Campaign

Create A Print Ad CopyProject

Copywriting for Emails

Designing Email Campaigns

Create a sales email for OkCupidProject

06. Copywriting for Digital

Upskill your writing self by thinking like a marketer. Learn how to write for different social platforms! 

Social Media Ad Copy

Demonstration of Writing Ad Copy

Write An Instagram Ad Copy Project

Cross-platform Ad Copy

Create A Google Ad Copy Project

07. Writing for Video Ads

Enter the world of writing scripts! Learn how to write content to make your videos viral!

Scriptwriting in Copywriting

Analysing Viral Video Ads

Write A ScreenplayProject

08. All About Content Marketing

Learn about content marketing, consumer profile, lead magnets, promotion techniques and content strategy in this milestone

How to build Content Strategy?

Build a Strategy Project

Digital Marketing & Content Writing

CPlan your Blog + Pitch ideas Project

09. SEO - Search EngineOptimisation

SEO is the Key skill companies look for in a writer’s resume. Learn what SEO is, how SEO works, how to find keywords and everything about SEO

Introduction to SEO

Write An SEO-optimised BlogProject

How to write for a Landing Page?

Landing Page WritingProject

10. Emerging Content Spaces

After learning all about content & copywriting understand where the industry is headed, what is the future of content!

The Future of Content

Create a Creative Campaign Project

11. Cross-functional Skilling

A series of master classes to make you into an all rounded content creator! Learn basics of editing, designing and create a holistic content calendar!

Editing Masterclass

Editing in PracticeProject

Graphic design 101

Content planning

Exclusive Portfolio Projects for brands like

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Write a Digital Ad Copy

Build an extensive portfolio on Notion & Canva

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Ankur Kadkade

Sinquela Fernandes

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Still have doubts?

At the end of this course, we also provide you with extensive placement training and assistance which will help you with your interview and resume preparation. You will also get an opportunity to be interviewed by our hiring partners under our ‘MyCaptain Opportunity Assistance’ to kickstart your career in Content & Copywriting

This Course contains 8+ projects designed to develop essential skills to write content & copy for different platforms and experiment with different strategies to drive the business goals. These projects will expose you to real-life challenges and will also help you build your portfolio to showcase in front of our hiring partners and companies.

This course is developed keeping in mind the requirements for the current Content & Copywriting domain. In this course, you will not only rigorously learn about writing for various platforms but also how to strategize, execute & analyze how well your content has performed. In association with  industry giants, you will also work on various industry projects which will give your hands-on experience of the work. With our MyCaptain Career Support, we will also help you in your interview preparations and you will also get an opportunity to be interviewed by our hiring partners.

Your Mentor will be one of our industry experts from the Content & Copywriting domain who are currently working in the industry educating and guiding amazing learners such as yourself in their career journey. You will be introduced to your Captains on the 1st of your scheduled Course month.

This course is 4 months long, followed by our ‘MyCaptain Job Opportunity Assistance’ period to give you ample time to smoothly transition into a Writing role.

Get into Content and Copywriting with Guaranteed Job/Freelance Assistance