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Getting bored? Scroll Instagram reels.

Aren’t this our everyday routine? Instagram is one of the most popular picture-sharing applications on social media. But back in the year 2020, when it came up with the feature of reels, the insights and inside algorithm of Instagram were drastically changed. After the popularity of the reels, many individuals turned into popular influencers as their reel got viral!

Many small businesses were turned into bigger brands as they got popularity through the reels which helped them grow their revenue.

Looking at these scenarios, we got to know that a viral reel on Instagram has the power to make your content and business game strong. With more views, shares, saves, likes and comments, one can earn good monetary benefits along with their own fan community.

If you are also wondering how to make your reel content go viral, then don’t worry. We have got you covered.

In this blog, we will cover some strong pointers that will help you grow your Instagram page through your reels. These 15 to 60 seconds videos can be game changers for your personal and professional growth. So let’s have a look at some ways by which you can make your reel reach thousands of people.

1) Focus on content

There is no doubt in the fact that content plays an important role in making your audience attracted to your page. First, analyse what type of content is working on your page. Try to divide it into categories and choose one from them. Is it political and influential content that will give information on all the news around the world or is it about corporate and work-life balance that will provide information about the office and work culture?

Try and ask questions to yourself as to what content your audience is liking more. Try different series of videos and choose one or two from them that your audience resonates with the most.

2) Use eye-catchy liners

After finalising your video script; be it informative or entertaining, try to use eye-catchy liners that will attract the audience to visit your page and hit the like button. If you have an entertaining page, then POV (Point of view) are trending topic to use as a text. If you have a marketing agency page, then showing the work-life balance of the employees and their day-to-day life in a nutshell with strong powerful pointers can do the wonders for your page. Use the KISS formula. Keep it short and simple. Your texts should be readable in that short reel video and convey its message.
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3) Use an HD-quality camera for recording

After working on the base, try to make your staircase strong. Keep this thing in mind the audience loves to see proper and HD-quality video in their feed. The low and blurred videos are not satisfactory and might not interest the audience to scroll further. If you are recording your video, keep the quality advanced. If you are taking a funny or entertaining clip, then must ensure to download the HD videos and edit them accordingly.

4) Take trending music

While scrolling Instagram, you might have come across a song that is used in the majority of the reels. If you carefully notice at the left bottom side of the reel, then you will find an arrow pointing upwards. This suggests that this audio is trending on Instagram, and if selected for the reel, then it has a chance to go viral and reach more audiences.

Try to use trending music in your reels. It will help to reach more people, and you will get more likes and views.

5) Take care of aesthetics

Try to keep your video in a 9:16 ratio for your video that fit the reel size. Use big fonts that are visible to the audience and readable. Use a reel cover for a better Instagram grid and make the audience aware of what your reel video is about.

It will have a strong impact on your reel video and the audience will find it aesthetically catchy. Try to avoid shimmer and glitter filters. Don’t keep your background black and white. Try to use vibrant colours that are visible to the eyes. Try to maintain the fonts with the background. If you are using a black background, the font colour should be light. Take care of these little things that hold a huge impact.

6) Make your caption game strong

If you think that caption doesn’t matter then you are highly mistaken. The caption holds great importance in your reel video. Of course, no one wants to read the long paragraphs, but people do read what you have written. Try to grab their attention in the first two lines. Keep your caption catchy and short. It should convey the message but also be entertaining for the audience to read.

7) Keep sharing

As per the new Instagram algorithm, the reels with maximum saves and shares have the chance to go viral on the feed. Share it in your story with the engaging poll and interact with your audience about it in your story.

Ask your friends to share it in their story and save it for better reach. You can also join various engaging groups where people support each other by liking each other’s posts and videos. Try to increase your network.

8) Take care of the duration of posting

Sometimes, time plays a very crucial role in your reel video. To understand better what time is best for you to post the reel, follow these easy steps:

Open your Instagram insights and click on the follower section

Over there, check for your audience

At the bottom, you will find the time your audience is most active.

Try to post during that time.

Following these tips, your reel could be the one to come in the viral feed.