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How to Pick Trending Blog Topics for your Content Plan

Just like you wouldn’t pick a random song on the radio without knowing what to expect, we can’t just jump into creating content without doing some research and thinking strategically. This is where picking trending blog topics and writing thousands of blog posts really pays off.

It’s important to take care when picking trending blog topics. You don’t have time to look through hundreds of articles and get distracted .  But then, how do you pick trending blog topics? Well, this post will show you how to select trending blog topics for your content.

1. Analyse your competition

Keeping an eye on your competitors is crucial. Take a closer look at the blogs that your rivals have written. Not just their material but also the audience feedback they are getting. Once you fully understand what is happening with them, you can either come up with a way to do it again, only 100 times better or try a different subject within the same genre. Additionally, keeping an eye on what your rivals are doing on the Internet can give you vital information about the trending topics you should be concentrating on.

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2. Spy on their keyword strategies

In-depth keyword research will assist you in not only spotting global trends but also increasing your internet exposure. So, have a look at what individuals around the world, especially near your area, are primarily looking for. Additionally, see if the results of their searches are appropriate. If not, seize the chance and create a blog post based on these commonly searched yet underutilised keywords. This will enable you to reach a new set of audience.

3. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

Knowing what your audience wants to know about is just as important as being able to write it for them in a way that resonates. So, we advise you to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask yourself things like, “Would I be interested in reading that particular piece?” “What Will Be My Reaction to the Content After Reading It?” and, most importantly, “Did I find it useful?” Then, depending on your honest review, improvise your blog.

4. Look for news about your industry

Knowing what is new and what is out of date in your market is crucial. What’s sensitive, and what’s grabbing attention in the news? The analysis of these parameters will establish the level of readership for your blog. For instance, there is a good possibility that your blog will get noticed if you write about something that is in the headline.

5. Check out current trends in your industry

With the Internet evolving at a breakneck pace, you need to keep your eyes on the charts and trends. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to predict where trends will go next given how quickly they change. Despite how intimidating this may sound, trends might help you get much-needed traction. Thus, it’s vital to raise your trend game.

We know that the process of choosing the right topic may be tedious and daunting, but there are always some tools that you can use to ease your work. You can also look at internet communities like Reddit, Quora, and others. In the end, it all comes down to making a good plan.