Digital Marketing Courses in Goa

In today’s era Influencer marketing doesn’t need any special introduction, everyone having access to Social media must have come in contact with some form of influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

In simple words, influencer marketing is nothing but a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and speaks about the product mentions from influencers.

Influencers are individuals who have a large social following and are considered to have expertise in their niche.

Influencer marketing is getting so much hype because of its sincere recommendation which leads to building trust between the users of the product directly from the person they look up to acting as social proof.

What is the scope of Influencer Marketing in upcoming years?

Fun Fact- Only 27% of influencer marketing is taken by celebrities remaining 73% is ruled by digital influencers. Moreover, the size of the market is estimated to reach rupees 2200 crore in the coming decade. On average, a social media influencer can from 16,000 – 1.5 lakhs per month.

It won’t be a surprise if anyone having the idea to be an influencer will be aboard after learning this fact. It is always advised to change with change in time, however, quality is considered over quantity. People look for honesty in this field, and with piles of opportunities opening to the world in influencer marketing, it is no harm to give thought to being one.

Categories one can become an influencer

There is a vast range of classifications when it comes to categories one can opt for as influencers in influencer marketing. It is based on one’s interests and the niche one chooses. However, there are some infamous categories currently present in the market:

1. Mega influencers – as the name says, these influencers are generally mega personalities with celebrity status. They have more than a million followers and are active on social media constantly engaging with their audience.

2. Macro influencers – macro-influencers can be celebrities or tv stars, athletes, politicians, basically one with a follower count between 500k to 1 million. They create professional content due to which brands approach them for promotions as they get good reach for their content.

3. Mid-tier influencers – they may not be celebrities but they have a strong follower base and high reputation among the audience. The follower count ranges from 50k to 500k, they have a vast reach, high engagement rate, and followers who trust them.

4. Micro-Influencers– these influencers may have a few hundred or thousand followers but they have a highly engaging audience, they usually tend to attract more attention. They have close connections with their audience and are more niche-focused.

5. Nano-Influencers– these are usually small businesses and like micro-influencers are categorized they have small but engaging audiences. Although they have a small audience their engagement rate is the highest among all influencers they create hyper-personalized and authentic content for their audience.

Others are activists, journalists, photographers, and mainstream celebrities. When we say niche it can be anything that you have expertise and knowledge in or it can be something that interests you like, fashion, clothing and accessories, food, travel, tech influencers so on and so forth.

These are the top 5 influencers from Goa (Food bloggers)

1. goan_foodoholic

2. foodonrun_

3. foodies_in_mog

4. goenchefood

5. Tanisi.kakodkar

These are the few examples of influencers based on their niche as food blogging there are a vast number of existing and upcoming influencers in Goa looking at the growth this market holds.

How to become an influencer

There are some basics in this field you should know to be called an influencer.

  1. First and foremost one should have a hunger to achieve highs in the field maintaining integrity and originality. Choose a category that you are highly passionate about or which grabs your interest.
  2. Pick a niche based on passion or interest, only then do you can give your full contribution in the field.
  3. Follow the rule how being honest to yourself then only you can be true to your work, as said earlier this industry is wholly based on sincere recommendations and that is what is expected out of every influencer.
  4. Last but not least is to be creative in your content and also while presenting to the audience.


To conclude with least to say, it is never too late to adapt to any trend that you feel can help you achieve your dream but not doing so even if the resources are available to you is a sign of losing the battle without even fighting. The world is changing, you should cope with the pace it’s changing, or else you will end up on the other side of success.

Assistance is available all over you just need to raise your hand and ask for it, if you wished to be an influencer but don’t know where to take off from, come in contact with DgCamp, we provide courses on influencer marketing in Goa.